The two surfers realized that the proliferation of plastic threatened both the ocean environment and the fishermen’s livelihood. Could the fishermen use their nets, they wondered, to pull the plastic from the ocean? This idea stuck with the 2 surfers and they knew it was time to hit the drawing board. After realizing that the demand for seafood was driving the fishermen to focus on fish instead of plastic, they knew they had to create something that could fund the desired cleanup efforts. This is how the 4Ocean Bracelet was born.

The bracelet

Buy a Bracelet, Clean the Ocean

You've done it! Thanks to your help we have removed over 300,000 pounds of trash from the ocean. But our mission isn't over and we need more help. Help fund the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean today!

Geplaatst door 4ocean op Dinsdag 27 maart 2018