• Represent the EndPlasticSoup initiative in their area: region, district or country.
  • Take the lead in promoting and increasing participation of EndPlasticSoup for Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs in their area and perform presentations at District meetings.
  • Coordinate joint activities for Worldwide EndPlasticSoup Action Day, every first Saturday in June.
  • Appoint a representative to participate in the EndPlasticSoup forum of ambassador clubs:
    • Share information on actions, experiences, knowledge and tips.
    • Propose new initiatives and solutions.
    • Give feedback on EndPlasticSoup plans and initiatives.
  • Identify and execute local priorities, challenges and opportunities for creating Awareness and taking Action: Stop Single-use plastic, Reduce, Re-use, Cleanup and Recycle.
  • Establish collaboration with local Alliances: (local) governments, non-governmental organizations, companies, etc.
  • Share news and pictures about EndPlasticSoup actions in their area.
  • Identify and communicate about projects related to EndPlasticSoup including Global or District Grants.
    Rotary and Rotaract Clubs take action in their own community and have their own responsibility to execute or support projects and actions.
  • Submit projects or initiatives for competition in the EndPlasticSoup Award or EndPlasticSoup Grant (amount depends on a positive financial balance of the EndPlasticSoup budget).