How can you as Rotarian or Rotaryclub join EndPlasticSoup (EPS)?
  1. A simple first step sign the petition
  2. A second simple step, refuse, re-use, recycle plastic wihtin your household, environment and create awareness for this worldwide problem.
  3. Become active with your Rotaryclub and become a member of the EndPlasticSoup

    •  Donate only € 200 (yearly) to support EndPlasticSoup and your club will receive:
    • The EndPlasticSoup flag with the name of your Rotary Club printed on it
    • you have the right to use the EndPlasticSoup logo
    • your Rotary Club name on the website of EndPlasticSoup and in our social media
    • local and regional action support, tips and tops
    • coverage of your actions on the website and in newsletters.
  • If you don’t want to become a member yet you can become a friend EndPlasticSoup flag (with EPS and Rotary logos ) for only € 50
If you want to join us send us an email or deposit your contribution direct into our bank account

Bankaccount Stichting EndPlasticSoup

NL60 RABO 0351 796 053 Stichting EndPlasticSoup – Amsterdam

BIC/SWIFT RABONL2UXXX Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB  Utrecht
Thank you for your support!!!