4th EndPlasticSoup Action Day 2021

Saturday June 5th, 2021

Lets eat this plastic soup together!

Saturday, June 5 was the international EndPlasticSoup Action Day and what a success it was!  All over the world, a lot of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs took action with their family, friends, acquaintances and locals to draw attention to the worldwide enormous plastic waste problem. It was the fourth time that EndPlasticSoup, started as an initiative of a number of Rotary Clubs from Amsterdam, organized this day of action on the first Saturday of June. There were cleanups with walking tours, bike rides, suppers, boats, fun actions were organized, special education and school projects and a special Plastic Bingo app was made in different languages, which you can still download in the app store, there were coloring contests and a plastic quiz. In short, we have all made it a great success and created a lot of awareness for the plastic waste problem, plastic waste that, if not cleaned up, eventually ends up in the sea via the rivers and then causes the Plastic Soup.

You can see many of the activities on our Facebook page and we will soon post the photos and videos here.

Next year the 5th EndPlasticSoup Action Day will be on Saturday 4 June 2022!


Worldwide many Rotary, Rotaract en Interact Clubs took up the cleanup challenge on Saturday the 5th of June 2021. Clubs from Amsterdam to Africa went in small groups through their own village, city or surroundings to clean up the litter and the plastic waste. Of course they followed he local covid rules regarding the social distancing


Since our founding days in 2018 we have mobilized Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs to get attention for the huge problem of plastic pollution. And why do we ask attention for this precious building block of the industry? Because it is a waste when this precious material is left in nature and becomes smaller and smaller. So at the end these microplastics become a danger for people and nature!

The ultimate goal of this day was that the whole Rotary organisation gets a focus on the huge plastic problem, so that we as Rotarians, show that we are People of Action and that we want to contribute to a solution.



Rotary, Rotaract en Interact Clubs who joined got their own campaign posters with their own club logo.

EndPlasticSoup and the European Rotary supplier have produced their own safety vest for these activities that you can order here https://www.club-merchandise.eu/End-Plastic-Soup/

Furthermore we developed special materials where clubs could put their own logo. Get some inspiration for next year!

You can download them here.



For the youngest participants there are coloring pages on which we picture different forms of plastic waste. You can download it here Rotary_Action Day 4_kleurplaat_2021_check

There is also a “Plastic Bingo” app for Android en iOS available, you can still play it It is really fun to play this app alone or with your friends or family. The app works as follows: if you see certain parts of plastic during the picking up of plastic that are on your bingo card then you take a picture of it. A good example is the cigarette butts that lies everywhere and contain a lot of microplastic. Through this app we hope that people become more conscious on what kind of plastics are a part of the litter.

If your card, or the card of your Rotary club is full then share it on social media with the hashtag #endplasticsoup. We will share these bingo cards on the Facebook site of EndPlasticSoup together with all the videos and photos that are made that day.

Photos and videos of actions around the world can be found on the EndPlasticSoup facebook site.

NEXT YEAR 5th EndPlasticSoup Action Day – Saturday 4 June 2022

Already for the agenda, whether you are a member of Rotary, Rotaract or Interact or not, everyone can participate! Make a plan for next year or for next week, do something with your club, take action and in the meantime use less plastic, pick it up, recycle it and think about solutions with us. If you want more information please email endplasticsoup@gmail.com

What do you need? All you need is a pair of gloves and a garbage bag. And then you are ready to go alone, or with a couple of people, to do the cleanup. We suggest that you go to places that are hard to reach for the local government. Places like that are a riverside, in the woods, or just outside a small park. Needless to say is that you have to observe the Covid rules regarding the social distancing.


If you have photos and/or videos of any action, send the photos with text to endplasticsoup@gmail.com or post directly on your own social media with #EndPlasticSoup #Rotary #Rotaract #Interact #PeopleofAction or Instagram #EPSendplasticsoup #Rotaract #Endplasticsoup #EndPlasticWaste #EndPlasticPollution



Below an impression of the EndPlasticSoup Action Day – Saturday June 6th, 2020




EndPlasticSoup Actionday 2019

In 2019 we were present with the EndPlasticSoup steering group at the Rotary International Convention In Hamburg 1 – 5 June 2019. We spoke with many Rotarians there and made our contribution ‘live’ with, among other things, a Clean Up action in Hamburg. The EndPlasticSoup stand in the House of Friendship was a great success, more than 2,500 Rotarians who signed the petition have visited and there are now many international contacts to further develop this Rotary initiative. To reach even more Rotarians and clubs and ask them to take action themselves. By bringing the plastic problem to the attention of all 1.2 million Rotarians, we can get the wheel of change in motion. We do need help with that. Do you want to or can you make a contribution, for example coordinating the campaigns on 6 June, keeping up with social media, writing newsletters, keeping in touch with clubs at home and abroad and / or with NGOs let us know endplasticsoup @ gmail .com

For inspiration, below a photo impression of the EndPlasticSoup action day in 2019, or take a look at the photo album of local promotions or the photo album of the actions in Hamburg.

EndPlasticSoup op facebook…