Worldwide Rotary EndPlasticSoup Action Day

Saturday June 6, 2020

Join us!

The EndPlasticSoup Action Day on Saturday June 2020 will continue, naturally adapted to the Corona restrictions. We ask all Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to come into action on the 3rd Rotary EndPlasticSoup Action Day! 

We challenge you to clean up all plastic waste within your own social distance (1.5 meter, 6 feet, 1 meter etc.) alone or with your family (at a safe distance) indoor or outdoor. You only need a pair of gloves and a garbage bag, enthusiastic people who want to help. Take a photo (with the EPS flag) of the collected plastic and yourself, post them on FaceBook or Instagram with

#EndPlasticSoup and #PeopleofAction and let us know how much plastic you picked up! And let us know what you did on so we can make as much publicity as possible. We have  promotional material for you in English, Spanish, Dutch and German you can find them here. If you want to add your own club logo please let us know

The purpose is that as many Rotary Clubs, Rotaract Clubs as possible come into action with their family, children, grandchildren, friends to create awareness for the enormous plastic problem in the world and show that we as Rotary are People of Action. We hope that many of you will participate let us know at




Join us now! On Saturday 6 June 2020

Come into action on June 6th, 2020 and let us now what you are planning, take a picture with the flag! Use the promotional material which is available here. We can help you to put your logo there. 

In the meanwhile sign the petititon, sign up for our newsletter, work out a plan for EndPlasticSoup Action Day or become a member with your Rotary club.

Rotary EndPlasticSoup goals for 2020 – 2025

  • 3.000 Rotary- and Rotaract Clubs are member of EndPlasticSoup
  • 300.000 Rotarians and their families/friends use less plastic every day
    • this means 300.000 x 2 X 10= 6 MILLION pieces of plastic less every day!
  • 100,000 children are made aware of the plastic waste problems
  • Honululu’s Rotary International Convention is plastic-free
  • Rotary international meetings are plastic-free
  • Rotary has a “Plastic Free code of conduct”  for Rotaryclubs and Rotary events
  • New solutions for end-to-end plastic waste solutions are supported by Rotary


EndPlasticSoup Action Day 2019

After the success of last year, the second edition of the EndPlasticSoup action day took place on June 1, 2019 It was thanks to all participating Rotaryclubs a big success. We took action with many clubs Rotaryclubs, Rotarians in Amsterdam, Europe and even overseas. Next year on June 6, 2020 we want to organize a few large, regional activities around rivers, lakes and coastline, where several clubs can participate.

We were present as steering group from 1 – 5 June at the Rotary Convention in Hamburg. And we demonstrated there that we need all Rotarians and Rotaryclubs to join EndPlasticSoup. By bringing the plastic waste problem to the attention of all 1.2 million Rotarians, we can get the wheel of change moving.

See below the foto impression, or see the album for actions of different Rotaryclubs or the album of our presence in Hamburg.

See below the actions of June, 1st.

Campaign EPS Action Day

Saturday June 6, 2020 EndPlasticSoup Action Day

1.5 meter or 6 feet Plastic Clean Up Challenge The EndPlasticSoup Action Day on Saturday 6 June 2020 will continue, naturally adapted to the Corona measures. We have developed an action that takes this into account: the 1.5 Meter Plastic Clean Up Challenge. What is the challenge? Clean up all plastic waste within your own…

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Purmerend in action

Purmerend gathered on 1 June to clear the environment of excess plastic. A call to participate was posted on The enthousiasm was overwelming. With 250 people in 13 groups they collected 253 kilos of waste.

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On June 1st we’re organizing the Trashlesstival at the Ceuvel in the North of Amsterdam! This entire day is focused on dealing with the trash in the neighborhood of Buiksloterham.

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New Italian member RC Firenze Granducato: welcome!

We are happy to welcome Rotaryclub Firenze Granducato as EndPlasticSoup member! And are looking forward to work together to solve this hugh problem! The club introduced EndPlasticSoup to their members during their annual assembly, the second one is from last week yearly visit of our District Governor who really enjoyed our efforts to sustain EPS.…

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EndPlasticSoup action day

On the 1st of June we want to activate as many Rotary Clubs as possible. Each participating club is requested to go out to the sea, the beach, the forrest, the park or their neighborhood and pick up any trash, preferably plastic, that they can find. Make a picture with you, the EPS-flag and the…

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Hamburg IRC Lakefront Breakout

During the International Rotary Convention in Hamburg, there will be a lot of attention for EndPlasticSoup promotions. At this convention, we will be present with a stand. Furthermore, of course we will also go out on the water on the 1st of June: from 5pm to 6pm at the Binnenalster in Hamburg.

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Beach cleanup

RC Zandvoort and RC Bloemendaal-Caprera are going to the beach where they will be joined by the Surfrider Foundation for the beach cleanup.

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Oosterpark Amsterdam

RC Amsterdam Blauw and RC Amsterdam Oost are going to deal with the litter in the Oosterpark. RC Amsterdam Blauw will also go on a sloop tour under the theme of ‘EndPlasticSoup’ a week later.

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Amstel Boathouse Fishing Plastic

RC Amsterdam South, RC Amsterdam Nachtwacht and RC Amsterdam will sail on the Amstel on Saturday the 1st of June. They will be accompanied by RC Amstelveen, Plastic Whale and the Weekend Academy. During this sail, they will search litter in the Amstel. It is a full-day program that starts at one o’clock and will…

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Pricking litter in the parks of Amsterdam South

RC Amsterdam Minerva, RC Amsterdam Sloterdijk and who knows which other club even more, will visit a number of parks in Amsterdam South, on Saturday 1 June. The start is in De Veranda, from where we will go through the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark to the Amstelpark. Thereafter, we will walk along the Amstel towards the Martin Luther…

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Hamburg IRC Lakefront Breakout

Jointly with our Rotary Director Peter Iblher, our President of RotarAct Europe Ben Pinten, WASRAG and ESRAG board members, District Governors and Presidents of over 60 Clubs we invite you to join us for the Biggest Plastic Pricking and Fishing event. Saturday 1st June 5 pm – 6 pm we Join us in Hamburg Center…

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pRicknick Purmerend

On the 1st of June, the people in Purmerend will collect as much litter as possible. The organization will provide all the necessary attributes to achieve this. After about puncturing one hour and a half, there is a meeting in the Leeghwaterpark where we will have a picnic. During this picnic, we can enjoy various…

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City and Youth together in Heemstede

Why End Plastic Soup? With this project, Rotaryclub Heemstede wants to contribute, in collaboration with the municipality of Heemstede and primary schools, to a clean living environment. Rotary members are committed to making the residents of this beautiful municipality more plastic. Starting with the youth, because together we will lead by example; by cleaning up…

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