Foundation name: Stichting EndPlasticSoup

RSIN: 860925948



Statutory objective

The objective of EndPlasticSoup is to contribute with the Rotary organization (internationally) to the reduction of plastic pollution in the world.

Policy Plan

EndPlasticSoup Ambition

By 2050 there will be no more plastic soup in our oceans, seas and no more plastic waste in our rivers, lakes, forests, parks and streets. Rotary and Rotaract Clubs worldwide work together to solve the plastic waste problem.

Objectives 2020-2025

  • Support from 1,000 Rotary Clubs each year during 2020-2025
  • 100.000 Rotarians, Rotaracters and their families and friends refuse, reduce and cleanup plastic waste
  • Local clubs educate 100,000 children each year
  • Rotary Clubs adopt a “Plastic Free code of conduct”
  • Rotary (international) meetings and events become plastic-free

For more information download our Policy plan Stichting EndPlasticSoup March 2020

The Organization

Board Stichting EndPlasticSoup

  • Wytzia de Savornin Lohman, RC Amsterdam – Chairman and founder
  • Wendela Sandberg, RC Amsterdam-Nachtwacht – Treasurer and founder
  • Gert-Jan van Dommelen, RC Huizen-Gooimeer – Secretary and founder
  • Madelon Schaap, RC Amsterdam-Zuid – Member of the board and founder
  • Willem Falter, RC Marbella-Guadalmina – Member of the board


The members of the Board and the Advisory Board are not entitled to any renumeration. They are, however, entitled to ask for reimbursement of reasonable costs (such as travel expenses).

Start of EndPlasticSoup

EndPlasticSoup started in District 1580 with a number of Amsterdam Rotary Clubs (June 2018) taking the initiative to end plastic soup in the world. From the start it has evoked a lot of enthusiasm. Two years later it is supported by 3500 members of 800 Rotary & Rotaract Clubs and Districts worldwide.

The Organization started with a Steering Committee of the four initiating past presidents of Rotary Clubs and the past district governor of D 1580. Since January 2020 EndPlasticSoup is an official Foundation Stichting EndPlasticSoup with a Board. The bylaws meet the conditions for Rotary related organisations.


Next steps are to create the structure to make more Rotarians and Rotaracters and their families and friends aware of the problem and create worldwide action to end the plastic soup.

Furthermore the EPS Board is working to initiate an Advisory Board and to invite Rotary Clubs to become Ambassador to take the lead in promoting and increasing membership of EndPlasticSoup in their district, region, country, sister clubs, etc.


Financing the activities

EndPlasticSoup receives donations from a number of supporting Rotary and Rotaract Clubs around the world and individual donations. Next to these the Board has successfully applied for district grants and another Rotary grant. The available budget is spent to create awareness (website, social media, video’s, promotional materials) stimulate action (producing supporting EndPlasticSoup materials, promoting activities around the world, community building within and outside Rotary) and support and work together with partners (i.e. Plastic Soup Foundation, Plastic Whale, Smart Plastic City etc.).

Financial reporting

EndPlasticSoup draws up the annual accounts within five months of the end of the Rotary year (June 30) and publishes the annual report, including the annual accounts on the website – the latest on November 1 of any year. Even though the Board draws up an annual budget, the character of the activities implies that the Board reconsider the budget regularly, along with the development of projects and donations.

Report finances and activities 2018 – 2019

EPS 2019 eindafrekening

Activiteitenverslag 2018-2019 kopie

Public Benefit Organization

Stichting EndPlasticSoup is a foundation based in the Netherlands and is applying to be qualified by the Dutch tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (in Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling or ANBI for short). Being qualified as a Public Benefit Organization has tax advantages, also for Dutch citizens donating to EndPlasticSoup, and requires that the organization meets several conditions to maintain this qualification. Apart from focusing on the general good, PBOs must be transparent about their policy and formal organizational issues, and must adhere to reasonable checks and balances, costs and remuneration.

Other information

EndPlasticSoup is registered in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), as “Stichting EndPlasticSoup” (in English: EndPlasticSoup Foundation), Chamber of Commerce number: 77181913, Dutch tax file number (RSIN): NL NL860925948. Address: Geschutswerf 3, 1018AW Amsterdam. Web address: or Contact address:

Stichting EndPlasticSoup Correspondentieadres

Geschutswerf 3, 1018 AW Amsterdam


NL60 RABO 0351 796 053 t.n.v. Stichting EndPlasticSoup – Amsterdam

BIC/SWIFT RABONL2UXXX Croeselaan 18. 3521 CB  Utrecht